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 It's just something about stuff.

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It's just something about stuff. Empty
PostSubject: It's just something about stuff.   It's just something about stuff. Icon_minitimeSat Oct 11, 2008 12:01 am

Homeless people. They make up much of this country and they’re often ridiculed for things like not getting an education. But who really knows? What if the government took their rights of property away? Not because this person was uneducated but because they felt like it?

I ask this because the other day while on my way home a group of kids made fun of a man who had a sign that said “KCK” on it. He had a pretty big and probably heavy load on his back. And these kids began saying, “You better stay in school or else you’ll be in that man’s position.” And they said a lot of other things. I wanted so bad to get up and tell them to shut their mouths. What if his car broke down and he couldn’t get it fixed so he had his stuff and needed a ride somewhere? Or what if he was a really smart man but in a tight spot? It made me so mad. These fools on the bus I take home everyday. I couldn’t stop asking myself what I could do to open their eyes. I know I couldn’t do anything, however. So I changed my thought into, “One day these people will see that it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how skilled you are. If your landlord or the government or the head of City Hall wants you gone, they’ll do it. They’ll make up a reason. And when they see that, then maybe there is hope for them. MAYBE.”

It irked me so bad. My mom, my little sister, my brother, and myself are homeless. We all live somewhere but by state standards, we’re homeless. My mom, sister and I live with my Grandparents. My brother lives with my other brother who lives with his best friend. But he’s not really considered homeless because he’s lived there for a year. We’ve all been on the streets; we’ve all lived in a car. We’ve all been through the struggle. So to see and hear these kids saying derogatory things about this man who could have very well just been out of good luck made me disgusted. I thought school was to educate people, yet these kids did not seem very educated. It’s sickening to see what I have to look forward to; for my future. It almost makes me want to cry, but I’m too much of a sinner with my pride. It’s just that way. And it sucks to know I’ll have to live in a society where everyone accuses before knowing the truth. Judges the soul before actually seeing it. Hurts someone just because they feel like it. But it gives me a sense of consolation to know I won’t be so naďve and wrong. Talk about insult to injury.

What has the world fallen under? Patriotism is a lost cause. You could have all the faith you can muster for the U.S, and it wouldn’t be enough to turn us around. To help spiral us back out of this quicksand we’re sinking in. It just won’t happen. And people say we don’t need change. We do, too. We need change more than a man who’s worn the same shirt for a year. And who knows if or when that change will come? A change of president won’t do it. The government is so dang corrupt. And even if it helped a little we’re still going nowhere fast. Our own fire is still smothering us. If we could eliminate the lies and the death count maybe our part of world would be something people want to come to again.

One of the big issues is immigration. That used to be a good thing and now it’s become an epic battle between citizens already here and immigrants who don’t want their homeland anymore. Shoot, I don’t want my homeland anymore. But where is there to go? Canada? Sure, why not? But at the same time why leave? This is where everyone is coming, right? Why doesn’t the U.S. just conquer Mexico or something and have more land for these “aliens” to go to? I mean they’re coming to our land so if our policies are really that good to them then why don’t we save them and us from a big mess waiting to happen and make them happy and just control their land. They’ll get our policies and we’ll have land. Isn’t that all that’s important anymore, size and resources? I get that they’d want to be an independent country and all but it’s not working out the way it is. I’m not a war promoter but shoot. What is there left? Really. I mean, who can be happy anymore? Who wants to go home anymore?

But who am I? I’m just another person ranting about something that’s a big issue yet no cares to discuss it. No one is doing anything about it. And maybe my ideas aren’t the best, but they’re just things that the U.S. government probably already thought of. I’m just another nobody wanting something to rant about. But this is something I didn't want to rant about. Everyone goes on how the government is bad and all that. And I like being apart of the minority. I didn’t even want to rant, really. But here I am. Ranting on with mindless psychobabble. And who’ll read this? Anyone? And who will care what I have to say? No one? I guess I needed an escape. Because we’re all a large fuse just waiting to be lit, and although nothing really struck me to write this but the urge to write, I’m surprised I’ve done probably the best job of speaking my mind I’ve ever did before. I just let my fingers get the words down and I’m coming to a smooth conclusion. And it all makes pretty fine sense.
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It's just something about stuff.
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