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 The Obvious Threat

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PostSubject: The Obvious Threat   Tue Jul 01, 2008 1:31 am

Humans... the largest threat to this earth is ourselves. I hate to say it but we are the cause of pollution, we are the cause of crimes, we are the cause of guns and death, decay and all (well 95%) of the problems we face. The task at hand is very tough... the fact is in the human mind today due to population every person figures the next will take care of "it". what is "it" any event the first is too lazy to correct or clean. Pick up a piece of trash? the next guy will do it. Throw my trash out? someone else will pick it up. See what i am getting at? Human concern has dropped and so has humans ability to be decisive, sloth is widespread ruin to the human race... So how can we fix... technically ourselves?

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The Obvious Threat
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