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 Who approaches who

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PostSubject: Re: Who approaches who   Sat Jun 28, 2008 6:53 pm

well in a technical sense guy approaches girl and thats the way it always usually has been, a sense of chivalry, but in these days when girls can be teases, or guys can be looking to just fuck around, it causes both sides to back off due to the slight chance it could be just a game, also not to mention the factor of increased insecurity today. God bless those who are true and approach who they wish, i say it isnt a problem whether a girl or guy walks up to the opposite sex (or the same depending on sexual preference) in order to speak to them as long as they know what they want and feel they have found it.

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PostSubject: Who approaches who   Sat Jun 28, 2008 4:54 pm

so im in the park chillin and i see this girl she looked good and stuff but im not the type of person who is into doin the approaching im more of the type to let dem approach me she never did and i was like dam shawty was bad and all but meh maybe next time then i got into a convo about who should approach who and most ppl think that the guy is supose to approach the girl not the other way around but in a world were girls like to front and be teases i jus find it easier to let dem come to u so that way it is a %100 sure thing that she is into u but in your thoughs ppl who should approach
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Who approaches who
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