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 Oddest Little Things....

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IQ 100
K ( T.I.S )

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PostSubject: Re: Oddest Little Things....   Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:20 pm

that's so nice. Let's talk about my day then. This is an everyday thing, so yeah.

---> -woke up to a burning hell. about 90 degrees in the damn morning. Went out in the morning, and felt like i was sitting on a radiator, full heat in the middle of winter. Went to school, which no classrooms had any airconditioners. Went through my day, mellow and happy, and walked out of school, my ass fried. Went on the bus with no airconditioner, and walked home, dying ( not literally ).
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PostSubject: Oddest Little Things....   Mon Jun 09, 2008 5:12 pm

Ever have odd things happen to you like... they only happen in the worst case scenario such as my example...

A Normal day ~~~> catch all buses on time, get to school, feel good, catch buses go home...

Today (6/9/08) ~~~> wake up to 80 degrees of semi-hell, get to school with low AC which burned me worse.... then leave early to avoid full heat only to catch all old buses without AC on them... get to crossbay and liberty... deal with the Q41 that came late and had no AC, to get off and walk 2 long blocks to my personal hell called home...

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Oddest Little Things....
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