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 Naruto after events of The Uchiha Fight (sasuke and Itachi)

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PostSubject: Naruto after events of The Uchiha Fight (sasuke and Itachi)   Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:43 pm

the most commonly talked about character from naruto, the one thought to be ever so evil and living for sheer power... who saw the end of sasuke vs itachi? I have and the true purpose of itachi killing his clan was to stop a rebellion that the clan was making upon the hidden leaf. He didnt kill sasuke not to torture him but because he loved sasuke far too much, so much he even let his brother grow to kill him, and hid the truth... the painful truth away so long even too his grave, loved him enough to give him all his eye traits. This was crazy. Who expected this?

Also Madara uchiha was "tobi" which i find rather odd but whatever.

Orochimaru dead? doubt it, i saw a snake crawl away from the fight even after susano had stabbed orochimaru, also the genes kabuto merged with his own body seem to be taking control of himmm...

Pein... jiraiya knows, but who is he cause we dont know?
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Naruto after events of The Uchiha Fight (sasuke and Itachi)
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